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Ghedina Refuge
m. 1120
Movlina Farmstead m. 1750
Time req’d for ascent 2 hours
Time req’d for return 2 hours

This is a long hike which acquaints you with some of the prettiest valleys of the Brenta Group. The route described here is in no way difficult and the final reward is a magnificent panorama close to the Malga Movina farmstead. Drive to Stenico (668 m) and continue in the direction of Ragoli.
At this point it is worth stopping to admire the Rio Bianco waterfall and the Scaletta ravine below, now almost totally submerged by the Ponte Piá reservoir. Continue in the direction of Ragoli as far as the Ponte del Lasagn bridge, where you find the fork for the Val d’Algone valley. A seven kilometre walk in the lower part of the valley takes you to the Ghedina refuge (1120 m), and the remains of a derelict 19th century glassworks.
The Hotel Brenta is only a short distance from here. At this point the valley opens to reveal pretty pastures dominated by the Vallon massif (2968 m), which offers plenty of challenges for mountaineers and demanding naturalists, though the route is difficult and strenuous. Our route continues across the mountainside via Malga Nambi (a good place to stop for a picnic) and the farmstead Malga Stablei, beyond which the view opens to reveal the glaciers of the two mountains, Caré Alto and Presanella.
After several sharp bends you reach the panoramic point from where you can see the whole valley and surrounding mountains and a short distance from where you are standing, the farmstead Malga Movlina (1800 m). It is also possible to drive to this point, though we recommend you to leave your car at one of the previous farmhouses and take advantage of the pretty footpaths and old tracks which wind through the picturesque woodland. The view from here extends to the Presanella and Brenta Group.
Here in the heart of the Adamello-Brenta nature reserve, this is where mountaineers begin the climb up to the XII Apostles refuge (which can be reached in three hours) and is also the point of departure for other more demanding ascents into the surrounding mountains. A brief walk takes you back via the pretty Val d’Àgola, where the lake of the same name is located (formed by a natural dam of moraine rubble) and where the farmstead is still in use.

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