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Lomasone farmstead
m. 537
San Pietro pass
m. 960
Time req’d for ascent
2 hours
Time req’d for return
1,5 hours

This is an easy walk which takes you along the whole length of the Val Lomasone, a magnificent valley formed by glaciers and comprising forest landscapes which are unique for this altitude, as well as the peat bog with its superb natural features which have made it deemed worthy of the status as a protected natural area (biotope).
You can enter the Lomasona valley by car from Vigo Lomaso (or from Dasindo), continuing for a few kilometres past pretty cultivated landscape and the beginning of the peat bog until you come to the fish farm, where close by you encounter the road from Dasindo (or from Vigo). Continue along the biotope as far as the Lomasone farmstead, where it is convenient to park (alternatively you can drive on for a further few hundred metres).
Follow the Trentino Alpine Association red and white markings along a pretty pathway leading across the meadows. Continue across an extensive meadow in the direction of a large mass of rock. Eventually a footpath leads into the woods and after several minutes, to a clearing with small seasonal dwellings. Continue until you come to a track with well visible red and white markings, then onwards for a few hundred metres until you come to a fork, where you join a wider, though still unpaved road.
From here a few minutes’ walk takes you to the San Pietro pass (960 m), where a pathway leads off to the right, up to Monte Missone. From the pass you can walk down to the small refuge San Pietro and enjoy a panorama of the northern part of Lake Garda.

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