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Alpenrose Bar - restaurant
m. 1160
Cima Során m. 2400
Time req’d for ascent 4 hours
Time req’d for return 3 hours

This is a hiking tour across the grassy slopes on the southern chain of the Brenta Group and ‘Ghez-Dalun’. It is a fairly easy route which leads you into one of the most intact and unspoilt areas in the whole of the Brenta Dolomite massif. Coming from San Lorenzo in Banale, follow the road towards Molveno for a short distance and turn off to the left along an asphalt drive which leads you to the Alpenrose bar and restaurant (1160 m), located in a picturesque pine wood overlooking the eastern part of Banale.
Continue on foot along a recently paved forestry road which climbs up through coniferous woods and after approx. 40 minutes you come to the locality called Prada, an extensive area of mainly level pasture land above the rough and rocky terrain known as Nembia, in the vicinity of the Lake of Molveno. The meadows are used for grazing during the summer months and extend as far as the ridge of the Ghez and Cima Során. Following the footpath you come to the head of the Val Doré valley and turning right along the crest of a small gap you come to the southern ridge of the Cima Során.
Follow the crest of the ridge up to the summit. Although the route from here on is not difficult or strenuous, because it is precipitously steep we only recommend it for experienced mountain hikers. Once you have reached the summit you are greeted with a grandiose view of the southern Brenta massif and innumerable summits and mountain chains. It is especially impressive because of the area’s intact natural features.
From left to right you can see the Doss Alto, then the Doss Arnal, the Cima Ghez, the Dalun, the Cima Brenta, the Pedrotti refuge, the Altissimo and the Piz Gallin, while below you can see the Lake of Molveno with the Andalo saddle and the Gazza-Paganella plateau. And don’t be surprised if you encounter groups of chamois.
To return you can either take the same route down or descend via Passo dei Rossatti and through the Val Doré back to the hamlet of Prada.

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