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8) SEO – “I SALTI” – MONTE BRUGNOL (Brenta Group)

m. 824
Monte Brugnol m. 2221
Time req’d for ascent 4 hours
Time req’d for return 3 hours

This is a large grassland ridge of the more extensive Monte Valandro, with an unforgettable panorama of the southern Brenta group and the outer Giudicarie valleys.
The route is without significant difficulties, though requires stamina due to the considerable difference in elevation. The starting point is the square in the locality of Seo in the municipality of Stenico. Walk directly to the north of the hamlet and take the forestry road for approx. 500 metres, then follow a narrower mule track to the left (there is a wooden sign for Malga Valandro and Monte Brugnol).
The route takes you past numerous ancient massive oaks and beech trees, veritable natural monuments. The track zigzags through the woods for approx. an hour’s walk, after which it crosses a barren slope where the paving stones clearly bear grooves made by the runners of sledges once used by farmers to carry fodder down to the valley. Having reached the locality ‘I Salti’ (where there is a large relay station) the path becomes narrower, though the view from here is superb. Keep to the footpath which cuts diagonally across the south-western side of Monte Valandro.
Looking upwards you will immediately spot the pyramidal shape of Monte Brugnol. Once you have reached the top of the grassy ridge from which a small valley descends with the remains of an old farmstead, continue along the crest across the grassland towards the top of the pyramid.
After persevering along this strenuous path you can finally feast your eyes on a fantastic panorama, with the Val di Jon below, the southern part of the Brenta Group, the outer Giudicarie valleys and on clear days you can see Lake Garda, the Trentino Alpine foothills, the Adamello-Presanella massif, and even the distant western Dolomites and the Rhaetian Alps.
To return you can either retrace your steps, or take a different route following the whole crest of the ridge towards Cimon delle Pozze, to descend to Malga Plaz and Stenico.

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