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Peat bog
m. 660
Monte Misone Refuge
m. 1560
Monte Casale m. 1630
Time req’d for ascent 3 hours
Time req’d for returnt 2,5 hours

This walk is a little long though not particularly strenuous, in spite of the considerable difference in elevation. It also makes an enjoyable mountain bike tour.
Park your car a short distance beyond the locality Torbiera di Fiavé (500 m past the village), taking the left hand track which leads up to the tamburello field at an elevation of 660 m.
The track is initially paved and leads gradually uphill through woods of beech and silver pine. Keep to the main track and after between two and two and a half hours, having emerged from the woods you come to a fork. Walk straight ahead and after a couple of hundred metres, a short distance beyond the farmstead you will see the refuge (1555 m), built by Fiavé section of the Trentino Alpine Association.
The top of Monte Misone (1830 m) with its fine view of Lake Garda is only a few minutes’ walk from the refuge. The view from the refuge is also superb, including the Giudicarie group of valleys, the Brenta group, the white peaks of the Adamello-Presanella massif, the wild peaks of the Ledro foothills as well as the ridge of the Casale and the Stivo mountains.
To vary the return route we recommend taking a track which leads off to the right at around 1400 m elevation, which you come to after an hour’s walk downhill. The track is very old but is clearly marked by the Alpine Association.
Although this diversion lengthens the return walk it takes you through pretty meadows among the coppices and affords extensive panoramic views of the valley.


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