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10) S.LORENZO IN BANALE – VAL D’AMBIEZ – Cacciatore Refuges – Agostini Refuges

m. 900
Cacciatore Refuge m. 1820
Agostini Refuge m. 2410
Time req’d for ascent 4 hours
Time req’d for return 3 hours

This is a very pretty hike which takes you into the heart of the Brenta Group. The pathways are completely safe, though because of its length the tour is only recommended for walkers with stamina and endurance. By taking a break at the Al Cacciatore refuge you can enjoy superb surroundings while at the same time shortening the hiking tour considerably. Starting at the church at San Lorenzo in Banale, take the steep road which leads via the interesting hamlet of Senaso to the locality called Baesa where you can leave your car at the refreshment bar ‘Dolomiti’. From this point the climb begins up along the and valley across three bridges: le Scale, di Broca and del Paride, passing through pretty, varied and characteristic surroundings. One of the most impressive parts of the route is between the Broca and Paride bridges, enclosed between the walls of the ravine and the Ambiez mountain stream.
The valley opens after the Paride bridge to reveal the walls of the Tose and Cima d’Ambiez Dolomites, as well as the peaks of Ceda and Ghez (from left to right) in all their glory. This superb view can be enjoyed from the Al Cacciatore refuge (1820 m), reached in a quarter of an hour from the Paride bridge across the pasture land of the farmstead Prato di Sotto. Refreshments can be obtained at the refuge and you can also stay there overnight (0465 734141 - 734648).
From here, continue across an extensive hollow, passing the farmstead Prato di Sopra. The track gradually leads you into rugged high mountain surroundings. After a few sharp bends you eventually reach the Silvio Agostini refuge (2410 m - tel. 0465 734138 - 734104), situated in superb settings below one of the most famous Dolomite walls. Expert mountaineers (or we ourselves, accompanied by an Alpine guide) can now enter into the high mountain world. You can return along the same route, though we recommend staying at least one night at the refuge to experience and take in the high mountain life style.

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