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The Ecomuseum of the Judicaria "from the Brenta Dolomites to Lake Garda"

Sito ufficiale dell'ecomuseo According to the international definition, an Ecomuseum is “a cultural institution assuring in a permanent form the functions of research, conservation and exploitation of a set of natural and cultural assets which are representative of a place and a way of life which has existed there.”
The Ecomuseum of the Judicaria (ancient name often used to refer to the south-western part of the region) “from the Brenta Dolomites to Lake Garda” is situated in Trentino and stretches over the territory of the seven municipalities of the outer Giudicarie and of Tenno. Its morphological outline is particularly varied. In fact, within 30 kilometres, the Mediterranean landscapes of Lake Garda (from the 70 metres above sea level of Varone waterfalls) slowly give way to other natural and anthropic sceneries as far as the 3.173 metres of the Cima Tosa, the highest peak in the Brenta Dolomites.

The Ecomuseum consists of a series of thematic parks; that’s the reason for the definition “the Valleys of the Parks”:

The park and spa springs of Comano
The Spa Springs of Comano are surrounded by a wide and luxuriant urban park, based on the same lines of the world’s finest thermal parks. It is an authentic oasis of nature and silence with easy walking paths, sports and jogging tracks and well equipped playgrounds; the presence of a small lake contributes to increase its magic atmosphere.
In summertime, the park hosts a number of different entertainment activities. The park also hosts the important healing water spring of Comano and it can be visited all year round.

The Adamello-Brenta Natural Park
The Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, first park in the world to be awarded the Environmental Certification ISO 14001 is the largest protected area in Trentino, with a surface of 618 square kilometres. It is very rich in animal species (in the park still live the last specimens of brown bear in the Alps) and plants. The part of Natural Park which is included in the Ecomuseum of the Judicaria embraces four marvellous valleys: Val d’Algone with the summer alpine farmsteads, Val d’Ambièz with the impressive dolomite peaks, Val d’Agola with its charming alpine lake and Val di Jon, also known as the realm of silence. In the neighbourhood of Stenico, in the surroundings of the Rio Bianco waterfalls, we find the Botanical Garden of the Natural Park Adamello-Brenta. A naturalistic path allows the visitor to approach and get to know the natural features of this extraordinary environment by illustrating the main features of the plants of the alpine chain.
In summertime or booking in advance it is possible to take part in guided tours with experienced naturalistic guides. The Park and the Tourist Board also organize guided tours of the Rio Bianco Botanical Garden at Stenico.

The park dedicated to the poet Giovanni Prati
The Park dedicated to the poet Giovanni Prati extends over the territory of the municipality of Lomaso, where the poet was born in 1814 and spent his childhood. All the places he loved are included in the park and they still breathe a special atmosphere: the Franciscan Convent of Campo Lomaso, his paternal house at Dasindo, the ancient Parish Church at Vigo Lomaso, the church of Dasindo, the lively literary salon Villa de Luti and the imposing Campo Castle. These places are connected to each other thanks to interesting itineraries which are sometimes enriched in tales, poems, melodies and tastes of the past.
In the summer, the park can be visited through the evocative events called “journeys into the emotions”.

The archaeological parks of the pile dwellings of Fiavè
The most ancient settlement dates back to the 4th millennium b.C. Considering the importance of the site, the Archaeological Heritage Department of the Autonomous Province of Trento is carrying out a project which includes the construction of an accurate replica of a pile dwelling settlement and the creation of a documentation centre.
The archaeological site is situated in a wide biotope area which is extremely interesting from a naturalistic point of view; it can be visited all year round and also guided tours are organized. In summer time the site hosts numerous workshops of experimental archaeology.

The Sarca river park
The Sarca river, which flows through the Ecomuseum of the Judicaria “from the Dolomites to Lake Garda”, comes from the widest Italian glacier, the Adamello, and flows into the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda. Approximately half way along its course, near the spa springs of Comano, it flows through two gorges: the Scaletta, upstream of the spa springs, and the Limarò, downstream. The Limarò gorge is extremely interesting and is now protected as an area of European interest. It is one of the most wild and spectacular canyons in the Alps and offers breathtaking views.
Enthralling guided tours are organized in summer by experienced alpine guides.

Others parks to be included in the Ecomuseum:
The Canale arts and crafts park
The terraced landscape park of Tenno
The agricultural park and traditional house
The livestock park

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