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The castles

At the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, on the top of a hill which dominates the village of the same name, Stenico Castle is one of the most ancient examples of castle building evolution until the Austrian domination. The castle can be reached along a steep ramp which connects the square of the village to the boundary walls on the northern side, passing in front of a hotel which used to host the castle stable.
Today, the castle hosts art exhibitions, contests of contemporary art and, in particular, a significant archaeological section on the ancient history of the area. It belongs to the Autonomous Province of Trento - Buonconsiglio Castle Section, Monuments and Collections and can be visited every day, except for Mondays.

On the other side of the valley, partly hidden in the woods on the edge of the Lomaso Plain, Campo Castle is one of best preserved residence-castles of the province. Given its position, at the same time sheltered but also close to the most important commercial routes, its origin probably was that of a community refuge. 1920 represents a turning point, as it was bought and restored by the Rasini family of Milan (the same family which took charge of the house and castle of Leonardo da Vinci in Tuscany). The woman poet Ada Negri, who lived there for a while, described the fascinating atmosphere of the castle with the words “it’s so beautiful that it hardly seems real”.
Today the castle is a private property.

Going on across the cultivated Plain of Lomaso, almost opposite to Campo Castle, you’ll find Spine Castle, in origin a community refuge. From Spine Castle the visitor can enjoy a superb panorama on the area of Fiavè, the Lomaso Plain, the terraces of Bleggio and on the slopes of Banale.

The highplateau of Bleggio is dominated by the ruins of Restor Castle, first mentioned in the second half of the 13th century, when the Prince Bishop of Trento offered the estate to Federico d’Arco authorising him to build there a fortress, in exchange of the obligation to grant protection to the population of Bleggio in case of danger. Restor Castle, today almost reduced to ruins, has been undergoing restorations since 1999 to recover its original structure.

Stenico Castle

Campo Castle

Spine Castle

Restor Castle

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