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The Brenta Dolomites

The Group of the Brenta Dolomites stretches for approximately 40 kilometres in Western Trentino. With its 3173 meters, the Cima Tosa is the highest peak in the group. Numerous valleys and side valleys, still wild and isolated, lead into its heart: Vallesinella, Val Meledrio, Val Agola, Val Manèz, Val Algone, Val Ambiez, Val delle Seghe, Val del Vento, Val di Tovel, Val Genova and many others.

The rock forms which prevail in the group are ledge shaped (terrace) and bell-tower shaped (prism). These rocks, which change their colour during the day, create a very fascinating landscape.

The routes
Even beginners, accompanied by an expert alpine guide and with the necessary safety equipment, have the possibility to take part in unforgettable tours in an extremely varied and fascinating landscape.
One of the main routes into the Brenta Group approaching from the south-east is the Val d’Ambiez, a deep valley cut by a stream which, at the beginning, appears narrow and enclosed by vertical rock walls.

Once passed the ravine, the valley suddenly opens up on a landscape of alpine pastures grounds surrounding Malga Prato, as far as the Cacciatore Refuge (m 1821). From there you can fully enjoy a superb view of the most fascinating Dolomite peaks. Continuing along the high valley route, you can reach the Agostini Refuge (m 2410), starting and arrival point for some of the most charming hikes and tours in the Brenta Group: Cima Tosa, Cima Prato Fiorito, Cima d’Ambiez, the Tosa and Pedrotti Refuges through the Brentari belayed path or the XII Apostoli Refuge through the via ferrata Castiglioni, the Brentei Refuge through the Bocca d’Ambiez and the Vedretta dei Camosci. The access route to the valley is in San Lorenzo in Banale, in Baesa. Otherwise it is possible to reach it from the South through the Val d’Algone. In summertime it is possible to use a jeep service from Baesa as far as the Cacciatore Refuge.

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