The term biotope stands for a small area with a distinct set of environmental conditions that supports a particular ecological community of plants and animals. ninfeaThis implies that the environmental equilibrium is still intact and merits our attention and care. For this reason the Trentino provincial government has declared 287 small areas as biotopes, including ponds and backwaters, marshes and swamps, peat bogs, banks of rivers and streams, gorges, ravines and reed and cane thickets. 28 have already been prepared for visitors, among which is the peat bog (torbiera) of Fiavé. The Fiavé-Caréra (deriving from the name of an old lake) is almost better known for the archaeological treasures of its old lake dwelling site than for its natural features. Nevertheless the peat bog is home to extremely interesting and complex flora. There are extensive reed thickets and swamps, wetlands, marshy copses with willow and alder shrubs, while beautiful water lilies adorn pools and ponds. The area is also an ideal habitat for numerous water birds, amphibians and other fauna. A visitors’ centre has been set up in the town hall at Fiavé, and the tourism association organises visits to the archaeological site each Thursday, while on Fridays there are guided walks to the biotope (participation is free - advance notice appreciated). The other biotope in the area is in Val Lomasona, reached from Dasindo and Vigo Lomaso.

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