Holidays are the ideal opportunity to pursue activities for which we have limited time during the rest of the year, including sport. For this reason we thought it would be helpful to compile a kind of map for the sports enthusiasts among our holiday guests to enable them to locate immediately where to engage in their favourite sports.
We have limited our list of sports facilities - the swimming pool, tennis courts, gym and mini-golf to public facilities, although there are private ones belonging to various hotels.
For swimming enthusiasts or those interested in learning to swim there is the municipal indoor pool at San Lorenzo in Banale (0465 734145). In addition to the main pool there is also a children’s pool as well as all the apparatus required for aquarobics and for competitive swimmers, complete with a large solarium.
The Promeghin swimming pool is frequented by numerous competition teams who select San Lorenzo for training. The rent per lane is L. 19,000 per hour, while the inclusive price for the whole pool (5 lanes) is L. 90,000 per hour.
You can obtain further information on activity and sports holidays on offer by associated hotels by contacting the tourist information office (0465 702626).
There are numerous tennis courts, almost all of which are grass courts. There follows a list of public courts including telephone numbers for booking purposes. The only indoor court is in the Promeghin sports centre at San Lorenzo in Banale (tel. 734639), while the only hard court is at Santa Croce (tel. 779557). The remaining public courts in the valley are: at Comano (701520), at Fiavé (735021), at Stenico and at San Lorenzo in Banale (734639). Please remember that in Italy the area code (0465) must be used even for local calls.
The mountain bike has made many converts to cycling. There are innumerable mountain biking trails in our area of varying degrees of difficulty. Local tourist information offices will supply you with maps showing the main routes together with relative information. Many hotels in the valley provide mountain bikes for residents.
Most children as well as many grown-ups enjoy mini-golf. There is a mini-golf course at San Lorenzo in Banale in the Promeghin sports centre (734639).
We recommend the climbing facilities in Val Lomasone for free climbers and those who enjoy watching the prowess of others. It was opened in 1995 and is just a few kilometres from the spa. Located in superb scenic settings, the facilities offer 50 routes with grades of difficulty ranging from 5a to 8c, secured with expanding nails and sturdy chains for resting. The facilities can be reached via the village Dasindo, from where you can take the road for Val Lomasone. Initially an asphalt road, it is unpaved for the last few kilometres.
Now let us move on to a less energetic sport: fishing. A government permit is required, though local permits can be obtained in the locality in which you are staying. For the Sarca river and its confluents, permits can be obtained at Ponte Arco in the bar Sport (701430) and the bar al Pont (701037), and can be purchased on the spot for the lakes Lago di Molveno, Lago di Toblino and others.
Otherwise sport fishers can be sure of catching as many trout as they like at the Torbiera di Fiavé (735046).
In addition to the innumerable walking routes, several fitness trails have become veritable open-air gyms with physical exercise apparatus along the way, though they still remain pleasant walks in their own right. One such trail leads through the wood above the spa park, another can be found on the Durone pass, and another at San Lorenzo in Banale. A further pleasant and well signposted route is between Stenico and Seo.

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